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Tourism sector’s collective vision of making South Africa one of the top 20 global tourism destinations by 2020 can be outmatched by the imperative to grow and develop tourism responsibly. A National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS) a blue print for Tourism Development, sets out strategic objectives which drive the sector towards the envisioned goal and one such objective is to promote responsible tourism practices within the sector. 

The National Responsible Tourism Strategy is an underlying Tourism Development framework which ensures implementation and monitoring of key concepts of responsible Tourism.  ​

​​​Click here to see the National Responsible Tourism Strategy in relation to the NTSS​


Strategic Objectives

To address the identified challenges, four high level strategic objectives have been identified:

  • Responsible Tourism is understood in a balanced, consistent manner that reflects all core elements of sustainable development
  • A shared approach to Responsible Tourism by all spheres of government drives delivery of Responsible Tourism throughout the destination
  • Tourism sector role players are committed to Responsible Tourism as common and shared goal
  • South Africa is known a leading sustainable destination
  • Performance and progress in relation to Responsible Tourism is monitored and reported

Purpose of a national strategy for Responsible Tourism

A comprehensive National Strategy for Responsible Tourism in South Africa usable to all cross-sections of the tourism sector. The strategy contains proposed action plans which will guide the implementation of the strategy and provide for mechanisms to measure progress.

The objectives of the National Responsible Tourism Strategy are:

  • To provide national guidelines for the development and implementation of Responsible Tourism;
  • To create national framework for development and implementation of  norms and standards for RT;
  • To harmonise implementation of RT at Provincial and Local government level; 
  • To coordinate NDT’s approach to tourism sustainability;
  • To identify opportunities for community participation in tourism; and 
  • To guide strategy development and alignment for tourism development and management in both the public and private sector.

The strategy is anchored by a five years Responsible Tourism Action Plan. ​​​​​​​​​​