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The Tourism Sector is one of the core pillars of economic growth with an ambitious growth trajectory. This ha s placed strong emphasis on coordination of tourism research which enables sound decision making in this sector. This sector seeks to provide an unforgettable, unique visitor experience, and this requires an in-depth look at what our country has to offer.   

This research is a collaboration between the Department of Tourism and various academic institutions, tourism authorities and provincial departments.

Readers are afforded a first look at cutting-edge insights on tourism research reports pertaining to this sector, for use in various forms of tourism such as Business-, Heritage-, Cultural-, Medical Tourism.

In addition to the reports, the Tourism Research Page shares the Tourism Research Agenda which puts into perspective the kinds of studies that provide evidence on which to base solid decisions.




Recession across the globe has caused a shift in tourism practices. The demand to provide unique visitor experiences has led to an increase in niche tourism markets as they contribute significantly to growth and sustainability of the sector. As a result, tourism research has been focusing more on the various forms of tourism that best offer unique experiences.

The Research Reports Page effectively provides insight into unique tourism aspects such as Heritage and Culture Tourism, as well as Business- , Rural- and other forms of Tourism. The reports offer an in-depth look at tourist satisfaction levels in terms of quality and authenticity of Culture and Heritage Tourism products to enhance the tourist experience.