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Welcome to the Tourism Knowledge Portal.

This portal for the South African Tourism Sector is a collaborative knowledge sharing initiative. Our world is constantly changing due to factors such as global economic upheaval and technological developments. This impacts on sustainability in the Tourism Sector and requires insights and knowledge in order to position ourselves to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risks. The purpose of this Knowledge Portal is to enable those of us in the Tourism Sector to keep abreast of the latest tourism news and current perspectives gained from recently-conducted research and statistical analyses, to enable us to create and share innovative ideas and practices.​

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GDP (2011)

​Source: TSA, STATSSA​

​Direct contribution of tourism to GDP​​ZAR 84.3 billion​
​% contribution of tourism to GDP​​2.9 %​
​% year on year ​growth​​5.1%​​​
Employment (2011)


​Direct contribution to employment​
​ZAR 598 432
​% contribution of tourism to employment​4.5 %​
​% year on year ​growth​​5.5%​​
Tourist Arrivals (2012)

Source: SAT

​Total Overseas arrivals​​ZAR 2 505 762 
(+15.1% over 2011)​
​Total Africa Arrivals
ZAR 6 634 933 
(+8.5% over 2011)
Total arrivals
ZAR 9 188 368 
( + 10.2% over 2011)
​Average spend per tourist​ZAR 8 700​
​Total tourism spend​ZAR 76.4 billion 
(+7.6% over 2011)
​Average length of stay per tourist​7.7 nights​​​
Domestics (2012)

Source: SAT

​Total domestic travellers​ZAR 12.5 million 
(-11% over 2011)
​Total number of domestic trips
25.4 million 
(-3.4% over 2011)
Average domestic spend per trip
ZAR 855
Total domestic spend 
ZAR 21.8 billion 
(+ 8% over 2011)
Average length of stay per trip
4.8 nights 
Global Performance (2012)

Source: UNWTO

​Total global tourists arrivals
> 1 billion
Total global tourist arrival %
Prediction for 2013
Between 3% and 4% growth​
Top 5 International Destinations (2012)

Source: UNWTO, based on arrivals​

83.0 million 
(+1.8% over 2011)
United States
67.0 million 
(+6.8% over 2011)
57.7 million 
(+0.3% over 2011)
57.7 million 
(+2.7% over 2011)
46.4 million 
(+0.5% over 2011)​
Top 5 African Destinations (2011)

Source: UNWTO, based on arrivals​

9.3 million 
(+0.6% over 2010)
South Africa
8.3 million 
(+3.3% over 2010)
4.7 million 
(-30.7% over 2010)
2.4 million 
(+8.2% over 2010)
2.3 million 
(+15% over 2010)​​



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The multi-sectoral nature of tourism subjects it to a variety of regulatory requirements, ranging from Acts of Parliament to local by-laws. At the time of writing there are no platforms that provide a collection of these regulatory requirements. This presents a major challenge for policy making, compliance, investment and decision making. 
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Policy Watch
The Department of Tourism functions within the National legislative environment. As such there are acts and policies which impact on the department and to which it must comply.
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