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SANS1197: 2012 is a Service Excellence Standard developed in partnership with SABS. The standard is also referred to as Tourism Service Excellence Requirements. The main purpose of the standard is to ensure that all organisations in the tourism value chain have a guiding tool towards offering excellent service. The objectives of the standard are as follows:

  • To introduce generic standards for planning, developing, implementing and improving service excellence in the tourism value chain;
  • To introduce specific minimum requirements for the performance of organisations measurement and monitoring of service standards in the tourism value chain;
  • To introduce a credible service standard that includes, credible marketing, quality products and excellent service; and to
  • Introduce a performance system that enables effective monitoring and evaluation

The minimum requirements of the standard have been used for developing the self-assessment tool that can be used by organisations to assess their service levels and identify areas for improvement. This tool provides a set of statements that describes different aspects of adherence to the Tourism Service Excellence Requirements. To complete the tool, please indicate the extent to which you adhere for each of the below statements by rating it on the scale of one to four.


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