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Research Agenda
​​​​​​Overview of the Research Agenda​
​​ ​
The Tourism Research Agenda has been developed to serve as a framework to identify and guide research priorities, with a view to inform policy, planning and decision making. Research priorities are identified in line with national priorities geared to grow, develop and recover the tourism sector. Strategic documents such as the National Development Plan, National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS), Tourism Recovery Plan, Annual Performance Plan (APP) and the Business Plan guide priorities for the research agenda. The research agenda therefore provides a vision of where research can contribute to critical areas geared to grow and develop the tourism sector, and therefore seeks to:
  • identify existing knowledge and gaps in the area of tourism research;
  • prioritise research themes and focus areas to guide tourism research;
  • align research efforts from various tourism stakeholders;
  • create an opportunity for future research collaboration between various tourism stakeholders; and
  • enhance research capacity within the tourism sector.​
The List of Research T​opics​ provides a list of research studies or needs prioritised by various sector stakeholders to inform tourism policy, planning and decision-making. This document is by no means comprehensive or exclusive, but should be viewed as a strategic document that will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis in order to respond to new developments and priorities within the tourism sector.