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A​s a collaborative knowledge-sharing portal for the tourism sector in South Africa, the Tourism Knowledge Portal of the Department of Tourism is dedicated to sharing tourism sector information through topic-specific subpages. The focus of this subpage is visitor information services. It serves as a basic traveller guide and provides tourist information linkages to assist the traveller in acquiring the required information. It does not serve as a tourist information site for South Africa but simply serves as a basic guide and provides linkages to all the nine provinces of South Africa. The following aspects will be updated/uploaded in the near future:

  • important/ emergency contact details;
  • various tourism stakeholder linkages including:
    • national tourism institutions;
    • provincial tourism institutions;
    • regional tourism agencies;
    • local tourism institutions;
  • COVID-19 updates;
  • selected tourism reports;
  • visitor information centres database updates;
  • etc. 

Tourism Departments

Tourism has been identified by government as one of six focal points of economic growth. The National Department of Tourism and the Provincial Tourism Departments play a pivotal role in ensuring a favo​urable environment for the development and promotion of tourism. In this section browsers have access to the various tourism departments' contact details.
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Tourist Guides

The National Register of Tourist Guides, in conjunction with the Provincial Registrars, facilitate maintenance of the Central Tourist Guides Register as well as the registration of Tourist Guides at provincial level. In this section, browsers will be able to access the contact details of the National and Provincial Registers.
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Visitor Information Centers

Visitor Information Centres are a key link between the tourism industry and its visitors, be they domestic or international. In this section browsers have access to the contact details of various Visitor Information Centres across the country.
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