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Customer services

This will recognise the VIC that excels in the provision of visitor services and customer care. The considerations will include:

  • The type of information dissemination platforms and how efficient they are;
  • Visitor compliments through the use of visitor's book;
  • Public perceptions.


Most innovative VIC

This will recognise the VIC that displays innovative and modern ways of addressing tourist requirements. The considerations will include:

  • Use of mobile phone technology;
  • Use of modern ways of accessing information e.g. Wi-Fi;


    This will recognise the VIC that consistently captures; analyses and shares visitor statistics with the stakeholders. The considerations will include usefulness of the statistical reports produced:
  • Proof of capturing and analysis of visitor statistics over determined period of time;
  • Quality and viability of the statistics produced; Method(s) used to captured and analyse the statistics.