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The multi-sectorial nature of tourism subjects it to a variety of regulatory requirements, ranging from Acts of Parliament to local by-laws. At the time of writing there are no platforms that provide a collection of these regulatory requirements. This presents a major challenge for policy making, compliance, investment and decision making.

Although large​ enterprises may have the capacity to understand the implications of various regulatory requirements, this is probably not the case for small, medium and micro enterprises; which dominate the tourism sector.

The department has developed a compendium of regulatory requirements which impact on tourism in South Africa. The focus is on various regulatory frameworks in areas such as transport, food and beverage, tourist guiding accommodation, providing information etc.

This compendium summarizes regulatory frameworks by outlining the objective of each Act, application of the Act and its implications to tourism, brief provisions of each Act, what happens if businesses do not comply and recommended controls. 

Tourism Compendium Volume 1: set 1

Tourism Compendium Volume 1: set 2